Backflow Testing  & Cross Connection Surveys

NESC is your one stop source for all backflow testing & cross connection survey needs in New England. NESC performs over 2000 of these inspections annually to ensure potential hazards, such as chemicals and stagnant water, are isolated from potable water supplies. Our experts accomplish this by installing and testing backflow preventers. Each one of our experts carry all the required licenses to perform cross connection surveys and test your backflow preventers. Whether you operate a small water system, maintain a building or have a device at your home, our experts are here to help.

We Specialize in the Following Backflow & RPD Testing Services:

  • Fully licensed to test backflow devices and perform cross connection surveys
  • Test all brands of backflow devices
  • Service all brands of backflow devices
  • Perform repairs on all brands of backflow devices
  • Perform Cross Connection Surveys on any size water system
  • Will report all test results to all parties concerned

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