New England Service Company (NESC) is a firm predominately involved with the operation, management and financing of utility and other related activities. The Company was formed in 1997 to operate in both regulated and unregulated water utility markets. NESC is the sole stockholder of Valley Water Systems, Inc. (VWS), a utility established in 1884 that furnishes water to over 6800 customers in Plainville, Southington, and Farmington, Connecticut. NESC is also the sole stockholder of Colonial Water Company (CWC), a utility that provides water to about 1,500 customers in Dover and Plymouth, Massachusetts;  Mountain Water Systems (MWS), a utility that provides water to over 500 customers in Sheffield, Massachusetts; and Abenaki Water Company (AWC), a combination of three utilities that provide water and sewer services to about 650 customers in Belmont, Bow, and Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. NESC can be found under the symbol NESW on the Pink Sheets.

Regional Business Unit Organization

NESC is headquartered in Plainville, Connecticut and offers its services in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Through employees of NESC, VWS and CWC, we have a full grade range of treatment and distribution certifications, backflow device inspection, testing and plumbing licenses, and contact hours in waterworks courses. Field personnel are supported by an experienced administrative staff with human resource, accounting, finance, and customer service skills. We maintain financial relationships with Farmington Savings Bank and CoBank.


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